All businesses can hit unexpected stormy waters, we can help save and protect the business to ensure continuity of employment and supplies to customers which are the life blood of all businesses. The first rule is do not panic or rush into the wrong decision. However bad things look it is time to take some advice and step back to assess the situation and see which options are available to you.

Often time is of the essence to ensure things do not get worse, do not delay or that you are trading illegally.  If you have found yourself in a scenario that can threaten the well-being of the business then speak to us or someone you trust and make sure you can keep control. 

Hydraquip has the deep experience, skill and financial resources to act quickly and decisively and has completed many rescue situations within days. Our view is always long term and very respectful for the present business owners. Often business owners cannot separate themselves from the business and it can be an emotional time when things are not going to plan and financial pressures bear down. 

The first step is we listen to understand. Very quickly we can let you know if Hydraquip’s resources can help support or rescue the business, protect the assets and ensure security going forward.

DO NOT DELAY: Privacy & discretion are assured. In the first instance your sole contact to discuss any scenario will be with the founder Duncan MacBain.


There are many ways to inject cash into a business and solve any short term problems. If the business is otherwise structurally sound this may be the best option for the current owners with the least impact and disruption.

Hydraquip has many avenues to support this or at the very least can, with no obligation, guide you to possible options. Money is cheap to borrow in today’s market but it is essential in tandem that the root causes and issues are properly identified and addressed to avoid a bad finance option or getting in even deeper. 


Sometimes the best option is a complete restructure to significantly change the financial or operational aspect of the business. Under duress this requires clear and objective thinking.

The Hydraquip team can assist in the clarity of this option and has an extensive network of professionals who have the experience and tools to ensure this is effective and sustainable.  Outside professional help is essential in this situation and it is critical to choose the right proven providers.

Protect Assets

The value in any business is its assets. To not devalue the business it is essential to ensure the assets are secure. For example machinery, stocks, premises, IP & IT. Vital and often overlooked is the more intangible assets, the goodwill, experienced staff, customers and suppliers. These all form part of the jigsaw of the business worth and it is essential they are handled in a sensitive and professional way to keep the confidence in the business.

Once this is destroyed it is very rarely able to be rebuilt. It is therefore essential to take solid advice and action well before the point of no return.