Duncan MacBain - Managing Director, Founder & CEO

1977 – 1980         Transnordic:  Mechanical & Production Engineering Apprentice

1980 – 1983         University of Life:  Work & Travel in Germany, France, Gibraltar, USA, Canada

1984 – 1985         Medway Hydraulics:  Technical Sales Engineer SE London

1985 – 1986         Aeroquip: Regional Sales Engineer, Distribution & OEM

1986 – 1989         Abbey Hose:  Sales Director and opened Kent branch

1989 – 1994         Gatwick Hose:  Opened as a start up business with 3 staff as a sub branch of Abbey Hose

1994 – Present    Hydraquip:  Purchased 100% shares of Gatwick Hose and began trading as Hydraquip

We are making a series of films and we have launched the Fluid Power Growth website to formalise our proposition to the market place and to inform people that we are open and ready for business.

The growth strategy for Hydraquip has been very much fuelled by acquisition over the past two decades.

We have three different strategies for acquisitions. The first one is, if you’ve built your business, have worked hard and you are at a stage where you are looking to exit and are looking to take the reward of building that business, we are ready to have an initial private conversation. You can figure out if we are the right buyer for your business, to make sure your staff are looked after and the customers that have helped you throughout your journey have a vehicle to go forward.

The second strategy is start up, we have several very successful starts ups in the Metal Hose industry and the online business as well as a joint venture business. We are keen to look at new opportunities where people have the right skills and knowledge. We can bring resource, physical buildings, import and export strategies and technology to help turbo start those start ups which we have done multiple times now.

The third area we have experience in is where something has gone wrong in a business and we have been able to step in quickly and stabilise the company, making sure jobs are secure and customers receive continuity. No-one knows when something could go wrong, however we have the ability to keep the continuity of that business going.

Hydraquip started from very humble beginnings, a typical four man branch and it’s no accident that we have managed to grow to 350 staff in 28 trading locations. When we acquire a business, we can bring fresh thinking and we can find the right strategy for that business. Either that business can join the existing business or if it is right, flourish and develop by bringing in our own experience.