Rabs Atwal - Group Marketing Manager

2002 -2006                          London Southbank University, BSc Hons Industrial Design & Computing

2007 – 2009                        Sales & Marketing Assistant, Hydraquip Braided Hose Division

2009 – 2013                        Marketing for Hydraquip Divisions

2013 – Present                    Group Marketing Manager, Hydraquip Group of Companies. Growth & Development of Marketing                                                              Processes and Team

Hydraquip offer a number of marketing campaigns to get a company started, initially we look at the product or service to gain a detailed understanding of the offering of a company.

From here we will create a marketing plan and look at using effective methods to advertise. We can create a website using either the Hydraquip model or a completely new, bespoke website within a short amount of time.

Working closely alongside individuals and using their expertise, we look at creating powerful content and using this to create brochures, flyers and targeted electronic email marketing campaigns. Listing keywords, we create effective set marketing campaigns which run alongside our website and across our social media platforms. We have years of experience of translating technical information into easy to read, informative content which customers can fully understand.

Companies can benefit from our in house design team, they can quickly put together these marketing activities and offer additional personalisation by adding customer’s logos to any literature sent to print. We have the ability to create an identity for a brand and bring this to life.

By joining the Hydraquip Group, companies can benefit from our experiences. We are experienced at ordering promotional branded merchandise and have access to sourcing pens, mugs, hats, notebooks, t-shirts and personalised, custom designed items to create an impact. These are all sourced to the highest standards at realistic prices.

As the business grows, we will continue to support, identify consumer trends and opportunities to create effective marketing campaigns. It is our goal to maintain an industry leading company which continues to set standards within its industry.