“Hydraquip and Flowtechnology UK have worked together since 1994 when Gatwick Hose Ltd (as they were known then) were one of FTUK’s original distributors.  They have since taken every edition of FTUK’s 25 catalogues. Over that time, the business has grown extensively with FTUK and sales continuing to grow as the relationship goes from strength to strength. It’s worth noting that the purchasing profile of Hydraquip is one of FTUK’s most diverse, with significant sales in all of the 18 sections of the FTUK catalogue and also substantial purchases of ‘non catalogue’ items.

The scale of Hydraquip’s operation is a major strength, they have 300+ employees across 28 branch locations strategically placed around the country and also a number of engineers stationed at key ‘insites’ to service their larger key end users (Delphi Diesels, Johnsons Sweepers etc.). These branches and employees are truly service and customer orientated, meeting the application requirements for a wide variety of industries.  They have also cracked the online market with Hoses Direct. Another key strength of Hydraquip is their efficiency, as demonstrated through their fast and accurate provision and dissemination of information.

FTUK and Hydraquip work very closely across all areas of the business.  Through mutual trust and shared commitment, major projects and services have been developed and launched which have had a positive impact on both organisations – both from a business performance point of view and in terms of organisational effectiveness.  This close relationship has enabled both organisations to develop their offerings and grow together.

On a personal level, communication between staff and directors at both organisations is open and clear.  Duncan MacBain and all other Hydraquip Directors have direct access to Alan Tyrer, FTUK’s Head of Core Customer Business Development.  Alan has managed the Hydraquip account for nine years and is in frequent contact with Hydraquip, covering a variety of subject areas including sales analysis, product sourcing and charitable activities.  Duncan MacBain is also in regular contact with Keith Dickinson, FTUK’s Business Development, discussing a host of matters including industry conditions, business activity and how each business can develop mutually beneficial products and services in the future.

Hydraquip mix a demanding and complex support element with clear tangible development rewards. In short as a supplier, supporting Hydraquip has improved not just FTUK’s turnover but has also contributed to the development of internal systems and procedures to further improve FTUK as a supplier to all of our customers.”

Testimonial Provided By:

John Farmer, Managing Director. Flowtechnology UK